Sunday, September 18, 2011

Star Trek CCG

Here are some pics of my old Star Trek CCG box that was saved from being sold @ a garage sale we had last week :-)
I drew 2 custom Starfleet personnel officers that consist of my own personal comic characters (Pawn and Anna) and an event card.

Wooden Bear

I posted this wooden bear a month ago (?) on BGDF. I enjoy this piece a lot and might make a few more bears when I have more time :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nitro Dice

I finally received my copy of Nitro Dice last weekend and got to play a few games with 3 of my friends. It took us a while to get the rules down and get the motion of the game going correctly; but I was quite pleased with my purchase. I have been anticipating this game because:
1. I am a fellow BGDF'er and like to support other members and there works. (Kudos to you DRALIUS for getting your game published!)
2. the look of the game is well done and when I saw the physical packaging I was impressed (this is my first minion-games, game)
3. I like the d10 mechanic! I think it was clever to represent the players and there current speed on a d10.
The game is pretty fun and plays fast; my only nit-pick is that I wished there were extra hazards (on seperate tokens) so you could throw them right in front of another player who is too far ahead and slow them down. But that's just my 2 ¢ents to an already great game :-)

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Having just received an iPad 2 for my birthday (2 weeks ago), I am addicted to several game apps but none more than JETPACK JOYRIDE!
This is an awesome app that became available on April 1st and is super fun and addicting! It is only .99¢ and I recommend getting the counterfeit coin upgrade for another .99¢ (this doubles every coin received in the game). It is super useful, as it helps you purchase all those diferrent jetpacks, clothes, vehicle upgrades much faster.
I am currently on my second cycle through the game and have one more achivement to go (i am 29/30); the Angry Wings achievment that requires you to get the profit bird vehicle twice in one game.
I cannot wait for any future DLC for this game, i rate it a solid 5 stars :-D