Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Shower - Saturday 8/27/11

Today my fiancee Stacey had a babyshower for our little boy that is due in late november :-)
I am very eager to meet my son and with the sudden arrival of baby clothes, toys, blankets, and other goodies, I am more than ever settling into daddy mode :-)

Here are some pics that I took with my camera phone of the first and second ultra-sound from a few months ago:

Here is the first picture of the little bean :-D

Here is a pic from the second ultra-sound when we found out our baby was a boy!

Here is a pic of my favorite toy that is waiting for him....a really soft and cuddly sheep.

Camera Phone Pics - August 2011

Here are some camera phone pics that have been sitting in my phone for a while.

Here is a pic of a banner I saw @ Bravo earlier this month...I ate 3 crunchy tacos that Thursday :-) Mmm-mmm Bravo!

My b-day present from my nieces Makayla & Sydney. Thank You Girls :-D

Here is a pic of the second racer, Highway Hank standing side by side with Jonas Danger; that I made for my new board game called Pocket Racers.
It is a slow process this time around because I have a lot on my plate right now (planning wedding and taking care of my pregnant fiancee). But I am enjoying the results of these latest Peg-O's.

Here are two stamps that I found in the dollar bin @ Michael's the Craft Store. I just had to pick them up.

Skully & Mommar :-D

My friend (Gil) bought the card game "Space Hulk" and I immediately got hooked and tracked down the two expansion sets that I found on ebay. I can't wait to play again with the added cards. It plays just as brutal as the board game (the nids win alot!), but it is fun. I rated this card game an 8 on the BGG.

This is my new favorite toy! An iPad 2 that I got on my b-day from my Stacey, her mom (Jane), Tiff and Chris. Thanks a bunch! I really, REALLY, love my new toy!