Thursday, March 3, 2011

Machete's War!

Congratulations, you just found the 2nd hidden playable character for 3 Tours of War! :-)
Remember, Machete is a fictional character owned by Robert Rodriguez and the events in this blog have never happened! This is simply more wishful thinking and daydreams of a cubicle monkey.

The War Continues....
Terrorist organizing in South America have caught the attention of American intelligence, who are getting ready to dispatch our brave green foot-soldiers! But unbeknown to both sides, one man has already begun to rid the world of these terrible terrorists....An ex-federale named MACHETE!


Machete's Stats for 3 T.O.W.
- Hit Points: 6
- Equipment / Favorite Machete: +2 to BS (cannot be stolen or removed in any way) and can re-roll any dice roll once per tour.
- Blades For All Occasions: Anytime machete gets an equipment card he may exchange it for a +1 bonus to his favorite machete (these items can be stolen or removed).
- Border Jumper: Once per game Machete may cut-across any 2 icons on the board that are touching. Come on you know that is funny! :-D
- Tequila Seduction: Every time Machete completes a tour he can opt to loose his next turn while seducing the hot and ready field nurses! In return Machete can heal 2 Hit Points for free or rid himself of a condition on a d12 roll of 2+.
- Riding In Style: On Machete's 3rd tour he can trade in 3 equipment cards or 8 earned points to purchase a customized chopper that gives him two d8 for movement, with a mounted mini gatling-gun capable of delivering 1 round of +8 BS for all players (Machete designates when this item will be used).

He's the right MexiCAN for the job!

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