Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camera Phone Pics

I was looking online today for a mini RC car or mini RC helicopter and wondered, "how come they dont make a hybrid racing car/copter?" It would be awesome to be racing with a friend through and obstacle course where half is race track and half is flight obstacles :-D
Or if you're race car should happen to take a tumble off a table or dirt path, you can fly it away to safety. Think Geek needs to make one of these already!!!

Here are some camera pics that I took this week:

Here is a wooden diorama made with pegs of an asian castle/temple/village that I made to help out a fellow BGDF'er.

I just recently found this old post-it containing the original art design for my 3 T.O.W. custom D12

Our church is currently being tented for termites, as you can see by this picture I took today as we drove by

This is Jewel (named by my little niece makayla) she is one of two new puppies from Libby's litter. She is a sweet puppy and is a good lap dog. Her sister "Daisy" (named by my other niece Sydney) is more playful and can't sit still long enough for me to take a good picture of her!

This pic has been in my camera for a while. I took it @ KublaCon this year and its a racing game called Carabande. You flick your wooden disc (car) across a track in turn sequence trying not to roll off or flip over. It was probably the funnest thing I played @ Kubla this year :-)

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