Sunday, July 22, 2012

SQUIDS WILD WEST - Unlocking Kapono

Hello again fellow SQUIDS fans! I am here once again posting on the whereabouts of our favorite purple squid KAPONO for SWW :-)
KAPONO can be found in the bonus level "messy ranch" in the upper left hand corner, in a picnic basket house. Kapono will peek out of the front door and once you knock on the door KAPONO will join the team once again!

JAMMER can also be unlocked in the bonus level "diablo squid." You need to reach the center island and collect the jars to unlock him. He will try to race you and all you have to do is catch him and he will join the team too :-)

Last but not least, WINNICK can be unlocked when you receive all stars for all levels including bonus levels! Master WINNICK is very unique as he has the scout's dash ability and the warrior's area stomp ability as well!

Below are some pics of the area in which to find KAPONO :-D

go to messy ranch...

look in the upper left corner an locate the picnic basket house...

knock on the door and kapono will come out and join the team!

unlock all 3 hidden characters to help you on your journey :-D

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