Monday, October 14, 2013

Doom Blade & Holy Barrier!

These are 2 unique items found in Tower of Fortune 2. Acquiring them also unlocks their special achievements.
Holy Barrier (shield) is obtained after acquiring 10 Mythril; the man who forges in camp will make it for you.
Doom Blade (sword) is acquired by reaching the Black Halo and wishing for it. If you defeat the final boss (twice...) she will grant you your wish of having the greatest sword!


Danthulhu said...

You finally got it eh? Is that minus 50 hp at start of combat? ouch...

Simm said...

Yeha, I'm glad I finally saw the stats on that thing before wasting time on it. I would rather stick with my +27 attack sword with 37% chance to attack twice. Much more useful, IMO.

Mr. Monkeytail said...

Hi Simm,
I like going after the achievments; that's why I quested for these 2 items, but I do prefer my own sword that stuns an enemy for 3 turns as well :-)

Simm said...

Haha, yeah I can understand the achievement hunting. Its just incredibly hard to beat the last goddess. After every attack I have to use a life potion, and end up running away. Have you seen the other endings? I'm curious about the "Become rich and famous" wish. It would be awesome if it gave you a bunch of gold.

I like this game a lot, just maintaining gold can be frustrating. I wish there was more info about it on the net, but there really isn't.

Mr. Monkeytail said...

I have currently obtained 7 of the endings; I am going to try and get the last 3 this weekend :-)
I have not received another ending besides the DOOM BLADE that gives you an item nor money, just a short ending of your wish.

If you focus on getting the leveling ability to give someone a deadly blow when you roll 2 or 3 CHI; it will help a lot in defeating the goddess. I have maxed out my ability to 100% chance of delivering a deadly blow and it auto kills the last goddess each time (once for each of her forms). You will have to save some money each time you level up to refresh your choices if you do not see it right away.