Saturday, October 19, 2013


After 3 weeks of playing, I have finally earned all the endings / wishes and can finally stop obsessing over this amazing game!

Tower of Fortune 2 took some getting used to as I got tossed out of the tower more than a dozen times before finally learning to advance at a pace that kept me alive.

The most useful tip that I can give is: 
If it feels like your opponent is to tough, flee to fight another day. Only the bosses and mid bosses go up in level and get harder each time you fight them. So do your best to fight the minions over and over while leveling up your hero to take on the big guys.

Here are some screenshots of my final stats and choices you will encounter:

The last goddess is very tough and you will have to fight both her forms, so be prepared to fight an opponent with almost 4000 hit points that locks the re-spin and can kill you in one swing!

Attached is a screenshot of the 10 wishes you will get to choose from.
BRING MY DAUGHTER BACK has 2 endings depending on how you answer a very important question...
GIVE ME THE MIGHTY SWORD will unlock the Doom Blade.
I WANT 3 WISHES is a bogus choice as the goddess will outright deny it.
Every other choice will just unlock a short ending.

Learn to master the SPIN in the tavern. If you roll the sisters they will give you permanent HP or ATK or DEF. 
During my last play-through I was rocking 900 HP because I got really good at controlling the spin. 

I would let it spin through a rotation and count how many of the sisters are on the roll (usually 4). When you roll to stop; it would usually end 3 or 4 spaces from where I hit stop, so you just have to calculate where the sisters are :-)

Max out your equipment when you can. I believe they go to level 10 or 11 (can't remember), going up in price each time you do.

The best ability that I found when leveling up was a CHI power that gives you a % to auto kill a foe when you spin 2 or 3 CHI in a row. I leveled mine up to 100% and this was useful when fighting the goddess as this ability outright kills her too! Life potions help, but it seems I always counted on this ability to come around and finish her off!

Support the sisters BUFF CAKE business and you will receive a cake that gives you 3HP + 1ATK or 3HP + 1DEF. Each time you support them it cost 500 coins but after 5 payments you no longer get charged and it becomes a treat to run into them again to get your free cake!

I quested after the DOOM BLADE and HOLY BARRIER for their achievment slots, but found that they where not very useful. My MAXed out items fit my hero better :-)

The Wolf is probably the best item/companion in the game. If you max him out at level 31 by giving him MEAT he becomes a force to be reckoned with as he delivers anywhere from 6 to 136 damage! He can easily take out the minions himself and soften the bosses for you.

To the creators of this game; GAME STEW, I just wanted to tell you, I had a ton of fun playing this game! I recommend everyone try it (available at the App Store for a mere $1.99) and I look forward to a 3rd Tower of Fortune :-D

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Jeff Dawson said...

Would you consider posting the 10 end game videos? I've defeated the game and unlocked "ED1", but don't have the fortitude or desire to unlock the other nine myself. Something in this style:

Thanks for posting this thread. A good game, but too up a lot of time.