Thursday, November 28, 2013


For my sons 2nd birthday I made him a custom Octonauts Octopod cake topper made mostly out of wood, some wire, beads, and modeling clay (aka green stuff). 

Most of the materials came from Michael's the craft store except for the "green stuff" that can be found at any hobby store that carries warhammer 40k minis.

It was pretty easy to assemble; the toughest part being the paint job. Most of my WH40k paints are dried up so I used BASICS paint from michael's. It took several coats to get it where I wanted it as these paints were not meant for this (even with the primer it took about 4 - 5 coats of paint!) :-/

But the end result came out pretty nice and my son enjoyed his Octopod and his cake looked great :-)

The chocolate cake was baked by his grandma Jane. My wife Stacey decorated the cake, and clay Peso & Kwazii were made by my good friend Renee :-D


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Danthulhu said...

Awesome work as always Omar! Next time I suggest using some Academy Acrylics (I think that's the name). They cover really well and don't forget a topcoat! Well, maybe after it's been on the cake. IF you want to get real crazy find some clear plastic domes, I can help you cut the wooden spheres :)